Your personal guide in your exciting journey of love and intimacy.

We help keep the ‘magic alive’ in your relationship through unique date experiences that you can enjoy at home, or on-the-go! All while being able to set them up easily in less than 5 minutes.

With a little bit of pixie dust and a lot of heart, we curate romantic dates that are not just beautiful events, but those that truly transform the way you look and see your partner - tonight and forever.

For you and your sweetheart, who want to live your best lives, learn from each other and grow together, we are here to offer the stellar tools and guidance through our unique "Date to Transform" mini kits, games and boxes needed to make your intimate moments meaningful and uplifting experiences. Plus, you can make that wish come true in a click of a button!


Behind the scenes

The savoir-faire of our creative community of imaginators, storytellers and artisans allows us to whisk up fun and exciting opportunities for you to build a healthy relationship - all while supporting the livelihoods and dreams of Sri Lankan women, men and specially abled magic makers who keep the wheels of Lilac Kukuns turning.

Here a few amazing facts of the people you empower:

  • 80% of our artisans are women

30% are mothers from rural areas and 70% are young women, both of whom are trying to build their own artistic businesses.

  • 20% of our team includes specially abled women and men

They are extraordinarily gifted, each with an eye for detail.

  • We are a Woman led business

Backed by an amazing team of progressive thinkers and do-ers driven by love.


The circle of love and life 

Good products and experiences of good value that gives you all the intimate goodness you desire to live a conscious life is everything in the world that we want to give you.

Which is why we are committed to designing experiences that are romantic, fun and sustainable.

While we are not 100% there yet due to practical reasons, we have enabled an ecosystem of circularity that allows you to reuse our products or return containers to be upcycled.

Look out for the icons below under each product to see how they fit in our circular economy:

  • Reusable
  • Return container for upcycling and receive 15% off your next order


Since we began in 2020, our goal has always been very clear - to help you and your partner journey through love with all its nuances, freely, authentically and honestly. Our date night mini kits, games and boxes help you create and share pivotal moments that allow both of you to grow while empowering Sri Lanka’s creative community and caring for mother earth.

Here’s to a true happily ever after!

Your guide in love and intimacy,


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