It all started with a little feeling.


A feeling coupled with belief that we don’t have to settle in intimacy. We can still grow, still be better and still enjoy the thrill of romance.

This feeling would eventually set the course for 3 friends to work together in developing a social enterprise that embraced and provided guidance in conscious intimacy for couples across Sri Lanka.

That social enterprise is Lilac Kukuns, which means to transform in love.

And then, it gets hot.

The first date experience that we launched was our Love Cocoon

Like its name suggests, our cocoon had all the essentials you needed to transform your bedroom to a steamy, romantic movie scene. And of course, it was inspired by the likes of “The Notebook”. 

From the pouch, petals, scented candles to our edible chocolate love dust everything was made by hand and in Sri Lanka by local artisans from Panadura, Navinna and Colombo.

It was an instant success!

Couples loved it and even more so because they had access to a safe, romantic experience during Sri Lanka’s lockdown in 2020. However, though it continued to win many hearts even after people could travel again, we had no choice but to discontinue it as we could barely get our hands on our standard quality materials and ingredients when Sri Lanka restricted imports and began facing its worst economic crisis to date.


When the going gets too hot, you just got to pivot.

Following the abrupt end of our Love Cocoon, our team was forced to think “inside-the-box”. We needed to identify ingredients and materials that were sufficiently available within the island which we could use to sustain our date experiences.

Once we finally set up a dynamic supply chain (with multiple contingency plans), we released our range of Candle Light Date Boxes. Based on the same values of our Love Cocoons, but with more variety and a unique ability to suit multiple occasions. 

In designing this product, our creative community’s passion, talent and commitment really shone through, so much that it motivated our entire team to keep persevering, no matter how tough a situation may be.

Growing through thick and thin

Our philosophy of “date to transform” has stood tall even through some of the most challenging times that we have ever faced, and we are glad and grateful that our customers and community continues to support us in making Lilac Kukuns the impactful business it aspires to be.

We have grown from an idea, experience to impact through a journey just as whimsical as love, with all its ups, downs and magical moments.

And through it we always say Ancora Imparo - “we” are still learning.

Thanks to our incredible community, we will always persevere and grow through thick and thin.


What's latest?

We are part of The Youth Co:Lab Summit 2022!